Date Function in Oracle

These function are working on given date functions. In this, we have following date functions.

1.SYSDATE: It returns the current date information of the system.

2. ADD_MONTHS(): This function will use to add the no.of months to given date expression.

3. LAST_DAY(): This function returns the last day of the month in the given date expression.

4. MONTHS_BETWEEN(): This function returns the number of months between the given starting and ending date expressions.

5. CURRENT_DATE: This function returns the current date of the session time zone.

6. CURRENT_TIMESTAMP: This function returns the current date and time with time zone of the system.

7. DBTIMEZONE: This function returns the current database time zone.

8. EXTRACT: This function extracts the day, month and year from the given date expression.

9. TO_CHAR(): This function returns number or date to string in a specified format.

10. TO_DATE(): This function returns string to number / date in a specified format.