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Temperature Sensor With Arduino UNO

components required :- Arduino uno  LM35  temperature sensor Usb cable procedure :- Procedure


components required:- MQ sensor Arduino Uno Buzzer Red led Green led Jumper wires Procedure:- Connect the sensor,led’s,buzzer, to Arduino Uno. And write the code given below. Now your gas detector is ready

DHT11 Humidity Sensor on Arduino

Components required:- DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Arduino UNO Breadboard  16 x 2 LCD Display 10K Ohm Potentiometer   Connecting wires   procedure :- Connect the circuit as shown in the circuit diagram. Now write the code at Arduino IDLE. YOUR AREA HUMIDITY WILL DISPLAY IN THE LCD DISPLAY


COMPONENTS REQUIRED: ARDUINO (uno) IR sensors (x8) Bread board Speaker Jumppers Arduino usb PROCEDURE : Connect all IR sensors as shown in circuit diagram. Calibrate the IR sensors as your wish. Upload the code given below. Circuit diagram: ENJOY WITH YOUR AIR PIANO


COMPONENTS REQUIRED: Arduino UNO Bluetooth Module Jumper wires Sd card SD card module Speaker Circuit Diagram: Procedure: Give the connections as shown in figure above. Format the SD card. Go to browser and search Record your audio and convert you audio into wav format with this website. Download the converted audio and paste it […]

How to Send and Receive Message from GSM Module using Arduino

Required components: Arduino GSM(900) Jumpers Bread board program:

Paper Piano Using Arduino

Required Components: Arduino Board Speaker Bread Board Resistors[220 ohms] Piano [using paper] Jumper Wires Schematic Diagram: Program:

Blinking of led using push button

Required components: Arduino Bread board Led Jumper wires push button Circuit Diagram: program:


Required components: Arduino Bread board Led Jumper wires Circuit Diagram: Program:

Fading of Led using Arduino

Required components: Arduino Bread board Led Jumper wires Circuit Diagram: program:

Tone Pitch follower

Components  required: Arduino uno Buzzer Jumper wires Bread board LDR Module Circuit Diagram: Program:

Install Python 3.7 in Raspberry Pi 3 b+

Components required: Raspberry Pi OS internet connection Procedure: Switch on the Raspberry Pi Go to the terminal Type ‘sudo apt-get install idle3’ The Python will install in your system

Install Arduino in Raspberry pi 3 b+

components required: Raspberry pi OS Internet Connection procedure: Switch on the Raspberry pi 3 b+ Go to the terminal type ‘ sudo apt-get install arduino ‘ The Arduino will install in your system


COMPONENTS REQUIRED: Raspberry pi 3 b+ 8 GB or 32 GB SD card SD card reader monitor with HDMI port working computer to download OS PROCEDURE: Format the sd card Then go to website Click downloads You will find raspbian Click on that Download zipfile of raspbian buster lite with desktop After downloading extract […]

RFID Security System using Arduino

Required Components: Arduino Board RFID Module LCD (16 x 2) Display Potentio meter Servo Motor Bread Board Jumper Wires USB Cable Schematic Diagram: Program: